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Reuduciria in 6 million units Apple iPhone 7 production

Over the last months several specialists are making iPhone 7 would be a bestseller. Today emerges a new report that seems to strengthen this theory. Since it turns out that Apple has increased the production of components for assembling this smartphone, but actually it would be 6 million units below the 6S Plus iPhone a year ago.

A report filtered by the people of DigiTimes, ensures that the company General Interface Solution (a subsidiary of Foxconn) has received an order from Apple for increase in a 30% its production of panels touch destined to the iPhone 7.


This would raise the total number of units produced 84 million, a respectable figure, but far below the 90 million smart phones produced in the same period of a year ago. This means that the iPhone 7 would be 6 million below its predecessor.

Is a panorama that not looks very encouraging for Apple, in theory, but the variation by the increase in the price of the iPhone 7 could balance their balances financial, especially considering the price real of production of its new smartphone, that offers a wide margin of gain.

Some analysts say that the explosive Galaxy Note 7 incident would have been responsible for this sudden increase in the production of the iPhone 7, since many owners have decided to migrate to iOS once your Samsung ended in flames.

In all case, Apple received a good impulse, but is still falling short.

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