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Google Maps already allows search toilets public in the India

Little more than one month ago we inform you of the project which had in mind both Google as the Government Indian, project that would allow the citizens of large cities quickly find a public restroom. Although can seem strange, in the India many are the people that not have access to places where clean is or do their needs, what forces to these to take is to a side and leave a gift for the next that pass. However both in Europe and in the United States, legislation requires that any establishment that serves food, offers a toilet, which has logically avoided having the same problem of healthiness of the India.

Rajan Anandan, Vice President and director of operations in the India and Southeast Asia, just announced through an event in New Delhi, that the Google service to provide information about public toilets just got underway and anyone with a smartphone can quickly locate a location to make your needs, bathing… For to find a toilet, them users so only has that Open the application Google Maps of your smartphone and introduce toilet or the word hindi for this term. Currently Google Maps offers 5.1000 public toilets in New Delhi, one of the two cities where this service has begun to operate. The other city where is put up this service of information is Madhya Pradesh.

Google Maps will offer detailed information about the toilets, as the style, the hours of cleaning as well as if the toilet in question is free or whether you have to pay to make use of them. The list showing all the available toilets, will also show the same hours and address. He Government Indian wants to improve the health of the city reducing the number of bowel movements and urination that is made to daily in all the country, a country with a population of 1,200 million of inhabitants. and that is has become in one of the main objectives of many companies, especially them related with them related with the technology.

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