Monday , January 22 2018
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“Hater”, the app that helps you find love due to the hatred that unites them

It would be perfect for love to move to the world, but unfortunately is not the case or to not be so negative… is not really so.

Due to the pseudo-realidad of human relations, it seems that it is rather what we hate that which unites us more. A clear example of this is the new app “Hater”, which is a Tinder which you don’t like will make you link. Would recommend the Trolls insurance find the love of your life in a matter of minutes.


“Hater” single is available for iOS and in its English version, which could undermine the odious access that does not handle the language.

How does it work? Simple, you must indicate what you don’t. This will extend the chances of engaging with someone who hates the same as you and who has also specified in the app.

In addition, you will see the distance that separates you from your partner perfect and odious. Secure this app becomes soon a favorite of all. As they are the times. 🙁


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