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Helium 30 X, MediaTek of 10nm and 10 processor – core

When we saw yesterday the new MediaTek model MWC presentation we were quite surprised by the work done in this new Helio X 30. And it is that the firm is working hard and wants to shorten distances with Qualcomm, but also do not want mobile and other device manufacturers to switch to fashion manufacture their own processors and is for this reason that we have presented this new chip, the most potent of the signature until today.

There are many chances that we dictaminamos a smarphone of high, medium or low processor fitted, is obviously needed an eye from the rest of components and materials of construction, but the power and efficiency of the whole is often mark the processor and this new MediaTek surprises – on paper-with its power and efficiency.

To help this processor was shot of two ideal travel companions, the GPU PowerVR Series7XT Plus and the LTE modem category 1. This set makes that computers that fit the new helium X 30 of MediTek will be able to improve performance on the most powerful former model 35% and energy efficiency up to 50% on current values.

This processor 10 nanometers with Tri-Cluster architecture and 10 cores have two-core Cortex A – 73, four Cortex-A53 and other four Cortex-A35, with all this is planted how the most powerful company and from MediTek assure us that they are already in production. Possibly for half of year could start to see on mobile devices and test whether they really are as spectacular as they showed us in the presentation, good looking have.

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