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IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Facebook sign an agreement to monitor the development of artificial intelligence

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Many are them geniuses contemporary that from makes months expressed their concerns in clear reference to to the intelligence artificial and until where could be this capable of get in case of leave that learn by itself single and not put any type of limit to its learning or to your deployment in all type of products, especially, as see in them last months , in all type of weapons of the army of United States where is arriving as sluicing of a best performance of them same to the raise their capabilities to decide and set a target.

On the other hand, there are many large companies who are involved in this type of development which, in turn, are creating platforms of all kinds for researchers and developers to use them for their projects. This also can create a problem to long term that not is another that the fragmentation, something that is could solve thanks to an initiative led to out by multinational as Google, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook that is have United in it called Partnership on AI for get combine efforts with regard to research and promote good practices for avoid that the intelligence artificial not is convert in a threatens.

Google, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook create Partnership on AI, a consortium which will try that Artificial Intelligence will not become a threat.

Despite this good initiative, which promotes and is advertised that all these companies cooperate and even create a formal system of communication in which to unify and promote good practices, the truth is that, as has been happening so far, all of them will continue to be competing with each other to offer the best products and services and go one step ahead of the rest. As has just been announced, this Consortium will be open to other companies willing to contribute their resources and experience in the future, without doubt a call to potential large partners such as Apple, Intel, or Twitter which, for the time being, do not seem interested.

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