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iPhone 7s of 5 inches would include camera double vertical iSight Duo

It seems that Apple would be very interested in implementing a dual Chamber system, working together with LG, because a previous report indicated that the people of Cupertino was planning to take 3D photographs the next iPhone in order to improve this technology introduced in the iPhone 7 beta.

Now, from Taiwan a supplier indicates that Apple would release an iPhone for 5 inch with this dual-camera system in vertical format that would be name iSight Duo, according to information from iLounge. Device, along with the 7s version, would be accompanied by its Plus version, both with dual camera.

With a slightly larger screen than the current iPhone 7, thanks to the reduced side edges, Apple would continue conquering its users. However, the implementation of iSight Duo in the iPhone 7s would be under consideration, since only the version Plus incorporated the camera double.

At the moment this is quite speculative, because there is still much to wait for the release of the next generation of the iPhone. Really to anyone would be surprised that Apple will launch models with screens more large that them current, but the implementation of a camera dual in both would be, while not something innovative, an achievement for them of Cupertino.

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