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LG G6 reserves are already at 40,000 units

The first data on the stocks of devices presented at the Mobile World Congress of this year begin to publish on the Web and one which seems is getting a good amount of reserves after that last March 2 opened officially the reserves is the new LG G6. The truth is that we can say that it is an interesting device and very according to the current times to compete head-on with the current high end of the sector. Sunday 26 at his official presentation got have a first contact with the terminal socket, hours later went it to see at the LG booth at the Mobile World Congress, and after seeing the 40,000 units reserved in the first hours post MWC, seems to be a hit.

This LG certainly stands out for its screen 2K and by the set of design, specifications and software. The truth is that it seems to us a spectacular visually speaking device, besides this offers a software worked specifically stop the device as the option to see the gallery photos and edit them while we make more catches or even the implementation of the double Chamber on the smartphone, making it to enter fully into the fight with devices from high range despite differences of models depending on the country of sale.

In just 4 days since the beginning of this new model of the Korean reserves it makes us think that this time if he seems to have given in the nail and not we believe that LG G5 was a bad device, just that this new LG G6 is for many a true flagship despite not able to mount the latest processor from Qualcomm something that they do not direct rivals and the P10 Huawei has its own processor, and the Sony Xperia XZ Premium – if will take you – will not be available until June…

It seems that this year LG is one of the brands that more impact is causing among users and next to the mentioned Huawei P10 and P10 Plus, you may have enough damage to the South Korean Samsung, which immersed in a gray cloud, they expect to lift its head with its new Samsung Galaxy S8 presenting this month 29.

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