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My Xiaomi 5 c is already a reality and has a processor of Xiaomi

Xiaomi Mi 5C

Xiaomi not been repeated this year presence at Mobile World Congress, as it did last year to present formally the Xiaomi Mi5, but nonetheless wished to take prominence these important days for the majority of manufacturers who are part of the mobile telephony market.

And is that the Chinese manufacturer has jumped to scene, without being in Barcelona at MWC, with the presentation of my Xiaomi 5 c, which stands for many things, but above all by mounting inside the first processor of Xiaomi. The giant continues to grow and now no longer needs of almost anyone to manufacture their smartphones.

Features and specifications of the 5 c my Xiaomi

Then first and foremost we are going to do a review for the key features and specifications of this new my Xiaomi 5 c;

  • Weight: 132 g
  • Screen: 5.15 inches IPS
  • Processor: Arises S1 up to 2.2 GHz 8-core
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • Internal memory: 64 GB expandable through microSD cards
  • Rear camera: sensor 12 megapioxeles with a 1.25 pixel size Micron
  • Front camera: 8 megapixel sensor
  • Operating system: Android Marshmallow 6.0
  • Battery: 2,860 mAh with load fast 9V/2A
  • Other: Sensor tracks, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g /, Bluetooth 4.1, 4G, GPS

The S1 is is now a reality


My Xiaomi 5 c is a smartphone to flame range average, but that has become absolute protagonist due to processor assembling inside, Is S1, manufacturing its own Xiaomi and he expected many things. At the moment this just is the first own processor, but all indications are that the Chinese manufacturer will continue betting on their own processors, and perhaps soon we could see the successor of the S1, although a higher power and a much improved performance.

Of time and lack of to prove what many already 625, compared it with the P10 Helio Mediatek or P10 or the Snapdragon undoubtedly two of the processors that a larger number of manufacturers are inclined to include on their mobile devices thanks to the good performance that offer.

Mid-range with great expectations

Xiaomi has presented a large number of varieties of the Mi5 in recent times, and now the turn has come to the middle range of the market of mobile phones that already has a new Member, with that Yes, a processor that has opened a new era and also great expectations for a called device to get great sales.

Outwardly we have a display of 5.15 inches, perfect for all those users who look by far the phablets, which has been manufactured by JDI. It catches the eye small frames of this device and that seems to follow the trend initiated by the Chinese manufacturer with Xiaomi Mix that not so long ago left us all with their mouths open.

In addition to the processor is S1, inside we have a memory 3 GB of RAM that will complement without problem to the new processor from the Chinese manufacturer, and a 64 GB internal storage. Camera will be in addition to 12 megapixels, with a pixel size of 1.25 microns, and in which Xiaomi has provided special interest and is that to a large extent will be one that do that your processor will take a note or anything.

Price and availability

This new my Xiaomi 5 c will be available in all those where Xiaomi offers its terminals in an official way, and through third-party virtually around the world, at a date which at the moment has not been defined, although it could be very soon.

Your price will be of 1,499 Yuan, or what is the same little more than 200 euros to change. That Yes as often happens usually the price will be surely increased when you reach certain countries through third parties and not directly from the Chinese manufacturer.

Do you think about this new 5 c that has been presented officially my Xiaomi just minutes ago?. Tell us in the space reserved for the comments on this post or via any of the social networks in which we are present, and where we will be happy to discuss with you on this and many other topics.

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