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New filtration of the G6 LG confirms dual cameras and bright back


The trends of the market sometimes tend to be quite fun as all are pulled to the pool when there is a which is a must to implement it on the phone. Two years ago they were metal finishes, for which we are back with a visual aspect that manages to draw glitters what’s fashionable right now.

If the filtering that we have in our hands is right, LG G6 is sumaria that tendency of rear with great brightness to get away from those other so many metal we’re already seeing even in the low range. The only thing you need to take this news because the fate of many others who have been in a pure fake fledged with tweezers.

It was not the first time that the possibility of having A not so metal G6 LG and more approached to the brightness outside a reality. Most of the previous rumors not indicated this feature in the design and the thing was in that LG would be that more metallic look of the G5 LG and LG V20.

It was just this week at its inception appeared when a prototype of the smartphone that was rather in another type of appearance in the back. That opened the possibility of be to a different crystal back, pointed to what this new filtration. Another option when choosing this type of finish is the ability that should the G6 for the Wireless charging.

In this filtration is also dual on the picture settings on the back of the LG G6. The G5 already carried this ability to use a secondary lens with wide angle, offering other kinds of possibilities when taking pictures. The location of the cameras is up to the home button and the sensor of coal.

LG has on February 26 as the day to reveal its flagship in MWC 2017.

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