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Opera now allows you to navigate to an 86% faster


Although perhaps not enjoyment of so much fame in the network as another series of browsers, it true is that today day Opera is has become in an of them alternative to Google Chrome more interesting that exist. Thanks to the launch of the version 41 of the browser, its developers claim have got create to the browser more fast can use to perform any type of consultation in the network.

Between the news that includes the new version operates 41, highlight the new sequence of home intelligent that eliminates practically any time of expected without import few tabs can have open when run the browser. This is one of the points where more interest have since developers higher priority is now given to all those tabs that are most important to you according to a pattern of use.

Opera is updated to version 41 improving and optimizing the use of resources.

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Thanks to this is get that to the start Opera the tabs fixed and of more activity loaded first leaving that the rest loaded with a priority much less. With this feature many users feel that the browser loads immediately nothing more start it. As detail, comment you that during the tests carried out by them developers in a browser with 42 tabs that should open is to the start, the time average is improved in a 86% facing the version 40 of the browser.

If you are a user of Opera, surely you know that you one of the strengths of this browser is less consumption battery presenting against other alternatives. With this new update the browser will use less battery power even when in use to make video calling through Hangouts, for example. At the same time will give priority to the acceleration hardware if necessary codecs are found while the CPU usage is limited when the device is in battery saving mode.

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