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Parents blame at Apple by the death of his daughter of five years

The holidays are not always a time of peace and to sample Texas Modisette family is. During the 2014 Christmas Eve, the family traveled a Texas highway when they were impacted by a motorist driving at nearly 100 kilometers per hour. The accident caused the death of five-year-old daughter and Apple seems to have some of the blame.

It turns out that the driver of the car that crashed the family performed a FaceTime call. This provoked not realized that the auto of the Modisette had reduced speed by a traffic jam. Now the family has filed a lawsuit against Apple for not implementing a blockage in FaceTime for those who drive a car.

This might sound strange to some, however the family is based on a patent that was granted to Apple in 2014, where is spoken of a lock application to motorists. The patent indicates that technology would use GPS to determine the speed at which the user moves and thus block the use of FaceTime.

The lawsuit claims that Apple has failed to implement this technology, ensuring that the cost by altering the design of the device would be minimal since there are no disadvantages in doing so. Therefore, the Cupertino company should be responsible for medical expenses and provide economic compensation to the family.

The 20 year old that caused the accident was charged with involuntary manslaughter. At the moment it is not known what will happen with Apple or if this lawsuit will proceed.

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