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So inside the G6 LG


One of the terminals greater role has been in the past MWC 2017 held last week in Barcelona, has been the G6 of the Korean company LG, Although it did not award to the best smartphone of the contest, which went to Sony Xperia XZ Premium. LG G6 offers a screen 18:9, a screen size that makes it ideal to enjoy our favorite, although in most cases videos will display the black stripes on the sides, except in the videos if they are recorded in this format, a format that increasingly is becoming more popular.

Also special attention your camera and the different possibilities offered by us. The negative point is found in the processor, Snapdragon 821, a processor of last year that can pass you Bill in terms of sales, according to the price of the terminal output obviously. While we wait for the score of iFixit, to see if it is easy to repair or not, through the video of JerryRigEverything we can get an idea of how simple or complex that it can be disassembled and repaired this terminal. I advance that at the moment it seems quite simple, if we do not have the label that this terminal becomes tight and resistant to dust and water.

Flame test the attention that he has made Jerry to check how the terminal with and without pipe that allows to cool the processor, which as we can see in the video makes its function perfectly. The battery can be easily removed as well as most components likely to be replaced by deterioration or break, including the screen. Also shows us in operation of the Wireless charging which is just remove the back cover from the terminal.

As reported by the Korean company, in just 4 days, 40,000 people have already booked this ends in Korea, first country where come this model, which will do so in different versions, the most brief will be which reaches Europe.

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