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The Asus Zenwatch 2 and 3 will receive Android Wear 2.0 in April

It’s Google with Android Wear 2D looks like Fireworks, as they say in my town. Almost a year ago that Google filed officially what would become, sometime in life, the second version of Android Wear, the operating system that Google wants to reign in wearables of the leading manufacturer devices. Google has convinced the main manufacturers except Samsung, who has opted to use its own operating system called Tizen and that you are getting very good results, both criticism and performance, although the ecosystem of applications is not yet any developer that would like to.

More than one week ago, Google submitted as an official Android 2.0 by the hand of the new LG smartwatches Wear, devices that have been the first to arrive on the market with the second update of Android Wear. For the time being and as we could see in the blog of Android Wear, the company would launch the final version to all compatible devices within a few weeks, that as we can see quickly turned into months. According to announced the manufacturer Asus, model Zenwatch 2 and Zenwatch 3 will receive Android Wear 2.0 from the month of April, nearly a year after its official launch.

We don’t know that it happened with the development of Android Wear 2.0, a major update that offers a large number of new features, like the possibility of installing applications directly on the watch through the own store among other many innovations. Google announced in the past Google I/O, the launch of this second version was prepared by the end of last year, but as they approached the months, the company announced that there was still much work to be able to launch it, which forced to delay its release until February as we all know.

This delay, without justifying by Google, was the point and end of the journey of Lenovo, current owner of the Motorola, in the world of the smartwatches, a market that anda very fair in sales and that such delays do not help at all. If Google is still trying to kick the manufacturers likely that over time, they opt to use Samsung Tizen instead of Android Wear. And but at the time.

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