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The Nintendo Switch will not be compatible with bluetooth headsets

Nintendo Switch

Sometimes the decisions of large companies when it comes to limit the possibilities of their devices are really absurd, but to some understandable, if they offer an alternative albeit passing per box, something that does not always like users. The last case of absurdity of a company motion found in the Nintendo Switch, a console that hit the market on March 3 and that will not connect bluetooth headsets as we can read in Nintendo Everything denying a news that days ago had been published on another website of videogames, Melty.

Apparently this misunderstanding is due to a mistranslation or an error in transcription of the words from Yoshiaki Koizumi, as reported by Nintendo France to Melty. Thus we will only be able to use earphones with cable connected directly to the console, which much limits its capabilities and playability above all if we have it connected to our TV, since command Pro does not offer us nor the possibility of connecting headphones with remote control cable to be able to move away from the TV and power well to comfortably enjoy the game without letting us view , rather than if it is available on the PS4.

As she is going to publish the first unboxing of the Nintendo Switch provided by Nintendo, are gradually revealing more options and features of the new console Japanese firm, features, like this one, which won’t grace to many users. Many are the faithful users of the company who are not willing to buy a console that looks like a boil, missing since in addition to the limitation of the use of bluetooth headsets, we also find that you there’s web browser. Fortunately they are problems that can be solved quickly with an update, but the initial impression is that counts and in this case, does not seem to be as good as they expected many users.

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