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The parental controls of the Nintendo Switch from any Android device

The feeling of the moment in terms of the consoles is the newly launched Nintendo Switch, no doubt. This new console that offers portability and playability in our home also has an application that allows parents to control the content and what they can do with it the little house, but this application has also the peculiarity that can be used from your Android device. Yes, the users of this great console may have a little more than “control” over the hours of the kids game or select ranges of ages thanks to the code PEGI that have all games today.

Check the hours of children’s play from your own smartphone becomes really comfortable and is that this parental controls on Nintendo Switch is really simple to use. We have the free smart mobile device application that we can easily link to the console Nintendo Switch to monitor what and how to play your children. We can restrict the exchange of messages and images with other users even for individual games and we can restrict the publication of screenshots of Nintendo Switch on social networks. If you do not have a smart device, it is also possible to establish certain restrictions directly in own console, so it is quite simple to have control over hours of play and is something that everyone can use.

From the own Nintendo are strong in this respect and have a part of your specific website where you can see all the options of “Parental Control” that we have with this new console that is true is receiving many accolades, also begins to receive some criticism precisely by the shortage of available games. We hope to soon “put the batteries” and begin to launch new titles available.

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