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The Samsung Galaxy Mini S5 begins to receive Android 6.0 Marshmallow


These heights, anyone you surprised that Samsung and most manufacturers take it very easy when you upgrade to the latest versions of Android devices. But not all the blame is always from the manufacturer, but part of the blame is also Google, already once the manufacturer has adapted version of Android with its interface, it has to obtain the approval of Google. To the end the user always is the most disadvantaged of this slowness incomprehensible from them involved.

Makes something more than one month that Android 7.0 already is is available in the market and several are those manufacturers that have planned launch inside little their terminals with this version. These manufacturers must already have begun to upgrade their devices, updates that we don’t know when they will come but will soon be.

Things in Palace are going slowly, and but that is to say users of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini, a terminal that has begun to receive the update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, more than one year after its release. Safe that them users of this device receive with them arms open this new update, that seemed destined to the disappearance, under them movements that had effected the company in the last times.

Of time this update has begun to be available in Russia, by what within a few days should be available in our country. First you must enable the automatic updates check to have terminal look daily for the last version compatible with this device. Thanks to this update users of this terminal can already modify the permissions requested some applications when installed in the terminal, permits that don’t make any sense on many occasions and all they want is to obtain data to trade with them.

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