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This is the most effective way to make sure that you respond to e-mail

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Fruit of my professional activity, I have been able to realize that Spain is a country very little awareness in it comes to e-mail. Multinationals, small and medium-sized companies, and what is worse, the public administration, still has much to learn what the email management is concerned. Therefore, that now more than ever the email is key in the normal operation of any service. Let’s take a look an analysis that indicates what is the most effective method to make sure that we receive that email response so important.

Boomerang team has been this very interesting study, analyzing nothing less than 350,000 emails threads to a conclusion what are forms of finish which originate more possibilities that we answered. To this end, the study took into account only the contents of the last written sentence, what would be the conclusion of the same, without the signature, and this has been the result.

  1. Thanks in advance
  2. Thank you
  3. I really appreciate it
  4. Best regards!

The study includes more, however, we wanted to point out the four most emblematic. It was no surprise to know that “Thanks in advance” Gets a percentage of response than 38.3%, Meanwhile, followed by “Thank you” with a 32.6% response rate. On the podium sneaks “thank you you”, a free translation of “Thank You” that we have done, “Thanks” is in second place. And finally we have “Greetings!”, as we wanted to translate the colloquial “Cheers”.

In short, I also said that “thanks in advance” is the most effective form of response to the e-mail that we send, since we left implicit that we are waiting for it, and thank you. However, when the response is really necessary and you don’t want to risk, I usually use “hope your prompt reply greetings.” and the truth is that pretty good. work me do you what use?

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