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Wacom presents Slate and Folio, along with a new pencil, the Omni


Wacom is a company specialized in digital tablets, those products that enable artists and designers draw on classic format, but take advantage of all the capabilities of current technology. Wacom is also present in the IFA 2016, as it could not be otherwise, so we bring you their two new digital tablet, the Bamboo Slate and Bamboo Folio, accompanied by a new stylus that will delight the most gourmet experience in these technologies. Renewed capabilities in the hands of a brand expert in the sector that will allow you to draw digitally in the more traditional way.

We started with the two new tablets, the Bamboo Slate and the Bambook. Both seek to change the world of tablets using known technology ‘Electro magnetic resonance’ as it has christened her Wacom. This will allow users to write on real paper, then is to see reflected in digital form, all thanks to Wacom Inkspace. Once done, we can import the picture in JPG, PNG or PDF based on our needs, directly to Dropbox, Bamboo Paper or Evernote among others. In addition, it will provide us with storage space from 5 GB free, up to 50 GB for € 4.99 per month that Wacom has in its catalogue.

The Bamboo jump will have two variants, one with size folio A5 and another with size folio A4, adjusting to the needs of each of the users in question. This Bamboo Slate price will be € 129,95 for € 149,95 for the large and small. On the other hand we have the Bamboo Folio, that will be in a size A4 only and with a price of 199.95€.

As for the Bamboo Omni, is an ergonomic device almost identical to a pen. You don’t need to be matched with any other device that handles it although it can operate both iOS and Android. To load it is used a microUSB and its tip is the classic 1, 9mm, as well as draft. The price from 19.95€.

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