Wednesday , March 21 2018
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The new HDMI standard will allow conversion to USB-C native


Intel is one of the main drivers of the USB-C technology even preparing, as they have announced, a new standard of audio that supposedly will no longer be using devices equipped with a jack of 3.5 mm as well as a new video standard that achieve higher productivity in people. …

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OnePlus 3 supports USB-OTG, but disabled


The controversy follows sifted over OnePlus and its latest model. It is a company that has won the favor and the guarantee by the users, however, they are reaping many unhappy with the last released device. In first place because not advantage or the half of the memory RAM with …

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SanDisk launches a USB-C 128GB pen-drive


SanDisk is always at the forefront in it comes to storage. Your brand is hallmark of quality and safety for our data, so it did not want to linger over, and it is already presenting us with the pen-drive with a connection USB-C, allowing their full compatibility with a large …

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