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Android 7.0 is now available for the 3 OnePlus and OnePlus 3T


Gradually are becoming more manufacturers that are still updating their latest models, adapting them to the seventh version of 7.0 Android Nougat, a version that has brought us a large number of new features as we inform you the day of your presentation. Them guys of OnePlus seems that waited …

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OnePlus 3 already has its Nougat ration since the open beta


This year has been one peculiar with the 3 OnePlus well, above all for being the first time that it could be acquired the terminal without relegating an invitation as happened with previous editions. Aside we already have to the OnePlus 3T who has come to replace him as an …

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OnePlus 3 Golden reach Europe on 1 August


In the presentation official of the OnePlus 3 that had place makes already some time, knew that this new device mobile would be available in two colors different, gray and Golden, although in a first time only would be available in the first of those two colors. From that day …

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OnePlus 3 to version 3.2.0 update stops


If you’re one of the users you already have on your hands one of these spectacular OnePlus 3, watch out for upgrading to the version released by the Chinese company via OTA on July 4. On this occasion the first released version is the Oxygen OS 3.2.0 and implemented improvements …

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OnePlus could be ready to launch to the market a OnePlus 3 Max


Continue the news around OnePlus which follows by shaking vigorously the mobile telephony market in recent days. So that this continues the Chinese manufacturer seems that it might already have ready a new smartphone, what would highlight for its huge screen of 6.1 inches and a very similar to the …

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How is the OnePlus 3 inside? We show you in video


OnePlus phones have become by merit one of the favorite by many users phones since came to the market its first version and is not for less. The company always has launched phones with high-end prices rather than adjusted components and has always been behind the users when they have …

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