Thursday , February 23 2017

The Surface Phone could mount a Snapdragon 835


A few days ago Satya Nadella confirmed that they were developing a new smartphone with Windows Mobile 10, to not launch until they had not completely ready and that it would be surprised if more than one by its design, power and performance. Of course, no one doubts that I …

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Pokémon Go will include 100 new creatures in December


Recently finally reached Ditto, the most peculiar Pokémon of the first saga, Pokémon GO. But already played to give a review of the most popular mobile game of the past years, Niantic has put hands to work and announces to arrive around a hundred new creatures in the game update …

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The latest update of Xiaomi blocks thousands of devices


The updates of them devices mobile always tends to be the heel of Achilles of the manufacturers. Many of them, once launched terminals, regardless of the price of sale, forget them and only focus on the new models, something that is counterproductive for the manufacturers and that after several years …

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Five films of laughter you rejoice this Sunday afternoon


We are going to do a review for more free comedy, movies that we find both on YouTube and on Netflix, so we look forward in the most simple way this rainy late Sunday on the Peninsula. View putting popcorn in the microwave, preparing your favorite soft drink and goes …

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The S8 Galaxy will have 256 GB maximum storage space


A few days ago we inform you of the possibility that the new flagship of Samsung, the Galaxy S8 comes to market with the new processor Snapdragon 835, a developer processor along with Qualcomm and to be manufactured through a process of 10 gauges. But apparently won’t be the only …

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Android Nougat reach the Nexus in December


If you have a secure Nexus you’re quite some time waiting for that on Google finally released this long-awaited update by means of which you can enjoy Android Nougat on your smartphone. Thanks to a leak of Vodafone Australia know that, just after the already usual large security update to …

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