Tuesday , January 23 2018
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BitTorrent launches its own app to watch videos online


Sure that when we talk about BitTorrent we all know about what kind of program we are, one that he helps us greatly to share and download files, even though in many cases these unfortunately are protected by copyright, which makes illegal distribution. Within all programs that allow us to …

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Chromecast Ultra what has again this Chromecast?


We are lovers of the Google Chromecast, that at the time I brought an analysis of Chromecast 2 of Google, and today I want to talk about the Chromecast Ultra. This device released with little time of difference with with regard to his “brother small”, comes to meet the needs …

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Apple stop selling third-generation Apple TV


After more than 3 years of waiting, Apple renewed the Apple TV by full both its performance as the system operating that it managed. With the launch of the fourth generation, Apple gave this set-top box’s own, very similar to iOS operating system, with which users can install applications and …

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Yomvi will be the first to offer content offline


During these weeks are learning many of the innovations that will offer Movistar in coming months. Among the most interesting we can highlight, for example changes in their rates Fusion or Yomvi. This service will be the first in Spain to offer content on demand without the need for an …

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Google gives its chromecast Youtube network subscribers


It seems that Google wants to promote and foster their new service of Youtube. And what better way to do it through old marketing and advertising practices. So Google will be giving away their new Chromecast between subscribers of Youtube network. Thus the first who do so will receive a …

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