Monday , January 22 2018
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1507 10 Windows version will no longer receive updates

While Windows 10 has relatively little in the market, we have to go back to July 2015, date in which it launched this first version, today we learned that, after many updates, since Microsoft have decided that the time has come without official support and go with all these versions …

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Windows 10 Creators Update could be delayed until April


As is about the date of presentation of the new update that will come to Windows 10, called Creators Update, begin to appear new rumors on the date planned for this release. Microsoft announced in the last presentation of products Surface and which could see the fantastic SurfaceStudio AIO, the …

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Windows 10 will allow us to add applications to start menu folders


Windows 10 has been one of them systems operating that more has modified the way in which those users traditional of Windows interactu√°bamos with it. While it is true that Windows 8 and its useful interface annoyed many users, the idea was not bad. Fortunately with Windows 8.1 returned the …

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Microsoft Unveils 10 Windows Update makes you vulnerable


As user of Windows safe that will know of first hand what can arrive to complicate you the life do a update in of the system operating, now, also, as is has revealed from it own Microsoft, them updates in Windows 10 can put you in real danger since the …

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LattePanda, a PC with Windows 10 for the internet of things


In California they are inventing things to thrill technology addicts. Today I bring you the LattePanda, a PC with Windows 10 for the internet of them things. The company called Arduino has presented us this very small computer that reminds us quite a Raspberry Pi, with the peculiarity that runs …

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Windows 10 increases its market share in June


When missing less than a month for the official launch of the first major update of Windows update that we could consider a new version under the same name, the guys at Microsoft are seeing as their market share will expand at a rapid pace in recent months at least, …

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